October 08, 2012

"watercolored faces"

A couple of days ago, I had the pleasure to visit the studio of Almud Moog. On the way out to Adlershof, one of Berlin's ait was sunny already. A wonderful Autumn Sunday. This was been nothing though, compared to the light greeting us in room. The studio was bathed in light; there was sun all over the place and an amazingly calm atmosphere on top. Working behind huge shop windows myself, facing the street, I was close to becoming quite jealous about this piece of creative heaven. Including the old sitting easel. What I am definitely jealous of, are her portraits. Light and fragile, they still carry so much strength. Urban poetry. Today it is sunny again, but this time it's back to Fishbowl, working on my November show. To an inspiring week and thank you so much Almud, for opening your door and for letting me do these picture.


  1. a beautiful space. and I agree, stunning portraits. thanks for sharing :)

  2. It looks very very bright and sunny, a perfect work space. Your pictures are beautiful, as always. And her portraits are beautiful, thanks for the link.