September 16, 2012

"within & after"

Somehow I never manage to shoot proper pictures during our studio dinners. While preparing, time is always extremely limited. To be honest, we barely make it until the first guests arrive. Very often, the early birds get friendly invited to lit some candles or to open up the wine. Throughout the night then, I get totally caught up in conversations, lost in enjoying the food, simply lost in the moment, and suddenly I will notice, it happened again. So here are some tiny bits from last night, but I guess you'll get the picture anyway. We had a great night, a long one too, and today there was a lot of cleaning to do around the Fishbowl. Now everything is set up and the couch will own us for the rest of the day. The upcoming week looks incredibly busy, but tempting too.


  1. looks, sounds like you had a good evening :) happy sunday evening xxx

  2. you just should enjoy the wonderful dinner time and it sounds like you already do that so nothing to worry about! wish you a good week, sometimes the busy ones are the best!