September 14, 2012

"a table to unite"

I've been thinking. While working on the "respect" project and listening to the husband, making some decent noise for tomorrow's Speak Easy Club, I've been wondering how much of an effort I, for myself, put into respecting others. And why I do things, how I do them? What is important, when it comes to connections and social living? The most important part to me, never to give up on people. In a way of, no matter what happens, within a group of silly idiots, there will always be one who is different. The one, who stands out and who makes it worth all the energy and the time put into not giving in into anger and frustration. Bringing people together owns a huge chunk in my life and hopefully, I will never change that attitude. To open up those doors and setting up a dinner table for strangers, has often presented me with the most amazing souls. Keeping those encounters in the back of my mind and getting it out in the right moment, can actually smooth the wildest anger. Therefor, we'll get it cooking. Again and again.Wishing you a wonderful and a delicious weekend too.

*Soup of grilled Pepper 

*Porkroast braised in Cidre
with fresh mushrooms
Bohemian Dumplings

*Plum Lasagne




  1. You will never change that attitude and I know that for sure because you've noticed it in yourself and you find it important. You are aware of what is important and that is because!!!!! Wish you a nice weekend and a lovely dinner!

  2. oh, can I come? I'm getting hungry just reading this. yes, not giving in to anger and frustration can be hard. it's worth it. but sometimes even remembering that it's worth it is hard!

  3. @Céline thank you! I very much hope you are right.
    @Petra of course, you can come. you're welcome any time!