September 19, 2012

"a day that wasn't"

The list for today had been long and I would be very proud, to announce it was done. Actually, nothing really worked out the way it was intended to. No early morning, no intensive hours painting or even researching, I never seriously made it beyond the background picture of the studio computer, and no proper lunch above. Only some fruits thrown in a bowl and chocolate cookies aside. Actually, this had been one of the most ignored days in a long time. What hasn't been ignored though, was a good dose of sleep and a little more daydreaming. I will go on with this and neglect efficiency until tomorrow.


  1. it does us so much good, this 'neglect' ;)

  2. Go on and neglect efficiency! It will do you good and don't think about it anymore. I try to do the same thing over here, because nothing works out today. Lets sleep and daydream!