August 25, 2012

"small things move big ones"

This has been a week of pleasure. With wonderful new guests for our dinner and a night on the bench, with neighbors we hadn't met before. I did quite some driving and won one of the marvelous "Pipi Pieces" by CĂ©line Schroeder. A dear friend stopped by after along time and it felt even closer than ever before. Above, after three years, there are finally letters on the window. Showing for everybody out there, what to expect inside the Fishbowl. Well, kind of. But as a lot of people have been asking me lately, what we're actually doing here, it was clear we needed to step up a little. Ending those slow summer days, it feels great to become a bit more serious again. The air this morning was fresh and a bit misty, already. Introducing the first signs of Fall and kicking of the projects planned for the rest of the year. Though it is always a bit bittersweet to let Summer leave, I love change and colorful leaves too much, to not get excited as well.

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