August 27, 2012

"and it became monday"

A weekend filled with flowers, with a good dose of Pacific, with rhythm and with Fall slightly kissing Autum; it was such a pleasure of being in the spot of somewhere else. And being in the middle the same time. Sometimes it is, and this is of course nothing I came up with, to step aside and follow yourself and your longing. The bittersweet part of it, I'd give a lot to be back right now, back down to my other home. Back by the sea, the Pohutukawa and those incredible clouds. But it is the beginning of a busy week and I'd rather get shopping for some studio shelves and put the dreaming up for later. Besides, bittersweet isn't the worst flavor at all. To a good week and to some loving on Monday.


  1. no, bittersweet is good. being happy all the time is overrated, and doesn't work in the long run anyways. at least that's what I think!

    happy Monday!!

  2. that's the problem with bittersweet... I just love that word, it says is all! I wish you a nice week, with dreaming while you're shopping;-)

  3. These pictures made me dream away too.
    This week has been a little busy and I enjoyed looking at all this flowers and exotic pictures.
    Just for a few minutes a little island break.
    Thanks for that.

  4. Beautiful images...have a wonderful week. :)