July 27, 2012

"wings come in many shapes"

While the city is happily melting, my favourite spot got to be a little garage down the road. To others it might look like the ordinary collection of tools, tyres and instruments, to me it looks like nothing less but freedom. As cheesy as this sounds, that is it. There are high hopes for some flying high within the next two weeks. Until then, another round of patience will be required. Only a little more. Besides that, everbody in the Fishbowl will be enjoying all those marvelous things summer is offering lately.


  1. wonderful to have a little get-away like that.
    good luck!

  2. Enjoy the weather. And fingers crossed for some flying really soon.

  3. your summer tea sounds tasty and i am curious what exactly you are attracted by in that shop.
    i can very much relate to it, but not sure it is for the same/similar reasons as it is for you.

  4. the attraction actually, is that I've always liked workshops and in this case especially, because they're rebuilding my car. handgas and brakes. for someone walking this life on crutches, this is freedom. getting everywhere I want without hustle.