July 20, 2012

"periods of sunny patches"

It looks like I am finally getting somewhere. Out of the slow and the chewy moments. For the first time, in over a week, there is more sun than rain. After two busy days of errands run, fresh ideas popping up and even more, a lot of letting go, a lovely and mild evening calls for having a beer in the backyard. The only question to be asked right now: "Why it is so hard to get to that point?" Maybe this will stay unanswered until I am old and grey. Maybe it will never be answered at all. Besides that, have a wonderful weekend yourself and collect as much sunshine as possible.


  1. ah, it's a nice place to be, on the other side of those chewy moments.

  2. Yes, makes it all worth it. At least, almoust. Can you believe that we have 7°C degrees here, only 7 and rain. Looking forward to that sparkle of sun, blow some up north will you?

    Rest your head, breath out and relax.

  3. "Why it is so hard to get to that point?" - good question. I too think I might get old and grey pondering it...

  4. These are great and hooray for the progress.