July 13, 2012

"older than yesterday"

Sometimes it feels good to skip the routine. It even gets better when unscheduled. This morning started with a tired dog, a blurry sky, hot coffee and some good reading. The house overall in silence, not a single soul crossing the backyard. In the back of my mind The Woodmans, a documentary I did watch last night, and a quote from Francesca Woodman's journal: "I wish I didn't waste my patience so endlessly in my living life, because there is never enough left for study or play." I will keep that around for the rest of today, maybe a little longer.


  1. I feel like your dog looks. tired :) sounds like you're having a good day... I hope the mood stays with you throughout the weekend...

  2. ph yes, i am all for skipping the routine!
    and making new routines, and skipping them again.
    looks like a beautiful morning.