July 16, 2012

"no watermelon days"

Things haven't improved significantly around the Fishbowl; heavy rain and a mind running in circles. Still working on the good old patience. And though you were absolutely right, dear Lilli,strawberries and good books are not solving any problems. They do help to change the pace though and they ease some pressure. Simply by letting us forget the heavier challenges for a minute. At the beginning of this sparkling new week, wish me luck so that secret, unknown door will open up, and that studio time unfolds itself a little more pleasant over the next days. Who cares about the weather anyway.


  1. i'm ignoring the weather by eating ice-cream, despite it!
    here's to that door opening...

  2. The weather this year is just wrong!
    It's definitely not easy to keep the mood up, a real challenge that asks for some serious strawberries!
    I am trying my best to go with it.
    But the post holiday blues got me.
    Chin up! Mouth open: Strawberries in and: Smile!

  3. mind running in circles, and no patience to be found anywhere... tell me about it. this too shall pass!

  4. Maybe I shouldn't tell you, but in the last minutes before leaving for the little valley, I scribbled down your adress and put it in my pocket. I meant to send you a postcard or something. Unfortunately I never got near anything that looked like a post office.

    I suppose, a thought is not as good as actually doing, but I did think of you, up there.

    (I like Liv's advice: mouth open :)
    Hugs, many, many

  5. oh lilli, this made me almost cry. Something magical lies within it! many hugs back. a.

  6. who yes?
    we wish it would not affect us, but naturally it does. any sun now?

    sending you some warmth from here!