July 01, 2012

"after the rain"

Coming this sunday, we're half way through the year. So far things have been rough, interesting, something from a little too slow to amazingly good. Last night, thanks to a bunch of incredibly nice guests, was one of the most wonderful nights on top. A night ending with a magical thunderstorm. The city sky changing from black to purple, to pink and back, while rain was pouring down. Washing everything, that had been dusty, away. And the things that got stuck recently, were drained down the gutter. There was dancing in the rain. And happiness, when finally getting to sleep, with the birds starting to sing in the backyard. This sunday is all about sunlight and some air, so wonderfully clear and fresh. Bring on the second half, is all there is left to say.


  1. I find it a bit scary that this year is alreadyhalf over. and I don't want to pause to think about how the last six months were or how the next six months are going to be. all way too confusing....

  2. this time it is me hearing you. I felt the same, but saturday night simply of washed a good part of all this confusion away. at least for the blink of an eye, letting things come as they do.

  3. I feel exactly the same about this year...it's been such a mix of extremes and it's hard to believe it's almost over already. I'm glad last night was one of the good ones, though, and I think these photos do a really good job of capturing that and also that feeling of good in the midst of crazy.