July 07, 2012

"after the rain, becoming before"

They say, one shouldn't praise the rain before it stops. And that is exactly, what is not happening these days. Berlin is drowing, the nights are still filled with heavy thunderstorms and everything seems unusually humid. A bit like in the Tropics, missing the heat though. When I was writing about change in my last post, I did mean it. I was convinced, that the second half of the year will come a round easier. Obviously life is trying to prove, it is not ready for that just now. What a week this has been; a broken hard drive. Late night hours in front of the computer and a tense couple included. A big misunderstanding with the tax office, a lot of unnecessary running around town, the car is still not finished, while the car dealer miplaced my passport. I could go on and on grumbling, but while typing this, it becomes clear, that it is of no actual use. It will only get me into an unfriendly, highly unsatisfying mood. The rain will stop eventually, so are the tricky parts, and in the end, everything's going to be solved. Patience, madame, patience. With that in mind, there is another bowl of the year's last strawberries waiting in the kitchen. What better could there be, while chilling on the couch. Rainy or not, have a good weekend. I am not giving up on the second half.


  1. Dearest Annton,
    It is somehow tempting to think that anyone who can have strawberries in the safe realm of their home, has every reason to be content. It is even tempting to write that thought down - and so I did. Looking at it now, I know that there are challenges even a bowl of strawberries and a dry home won't fix. I wish it was so, and with your brilliant focus, maybe it will be so. I am truly sorry to read about your trouble, all of it probably so unnecessary. I have started to long for autumn, and I find that strange in the midst of summer.
    I will remember that proverb about the rain.
    Stay tuned!

  2. oohh,...I get in an unfriendly, highly unsatisfying mood when everything goes wrong and I tell myself the same as you do but it won't help. I still go on grumbling. I hope you're better at it as I am! wish you a nice weekend;-)

  3. sometimes getting things off your chest helps. sometimes it makes things worse. maybe giving up is a good thing, no expectations, possibly a few less disappointments, and maybe a bunch of great surprises. you never know.

    have a wonderful Sunday. I'm with you on the rain, by the way....

  4. thank you for the supportive words. things, despite the weather of course, are a lot better today. but as @lilli said, people around me seem actually long for autumn. a friend told me, that maybe this is not the time for summer. it made me laugh at first, a moment later I wasn't so sure. I have not given up on summer yet, but bring on watever you need to July!