June 30, 2012

"to good food, to summer and a little loving"

Finally summer is in the city. How delicious this sounds and how even better, it feels. The doors of the Fishbowl are wide open and there is some groovy 70th music playing too. Don't worry, I won't miss any cliché on that one. Simply too much fun. We've kicked of the preparations for tonight's Speak Easy Club.Once a month we're having a studio dinner around here. It is all about inviting friends, family and strangers to come together and enjoy a marvelous meal. The husband allowed to share the menu this time, and I will, not without a little sneaky smile, as it is going to be so great.


*Iced cucumber soup
with Lemon-Feta-Dip
and dried tomatos

*Grilled salmon,
marinated with rum
with Patatas Arrugadas
(Canarian wrinkle potatoes)

wit Vanillaparfait

Have a wonderful weekend everybody. Go out and explore what life has to offer to you. And if you're around by tomorrow, knock on the window. Maybe there'll be a tiny piece of that pie left.


  1. I would love to have a piece of that pie! mmmmm! It sounds delicious... Have a wonderful evening!

  2. Being a vegetarian I would have to go for the Lemon-Feta-Dip and dried tomatos sprinked over lots of Patatas Arrugadas.
    I would also need an extra portion of the pie... Oh, I wish I was a member of your fabulous club. Friends and strangers sharing a meal sounds like a perfect evening.
    I need to make some friends or meet some strangers.
    Much love to you Annton,
    I think of you often.

  3. Hooray for the sunshine! (16 degrees and rain in London today...ah well!)
    The menu sounds delicious. I would love to join.

  4. the pie is gone already, but I love the idea of another round. a table with you guys seated there and some good wine on top. one day in the future, the speak easy club will hopefully get on the road!