June 01, 2012

"ode to the snail"

Sick is followed by slow; this seems to be an unwritten law. A logical one, probably. The week has been more about stuff that hasn't been done, than any exciting, new adventures. The huge Maori face I am working at, isn't done yet. Such as the reorganizing of the studio or any significant steps to send last year's main EnvironmentInstallation on tour. Almost nothing actually has happened. The Fishbowl has been a place of low energy, lots of thinking and a good dose of longing. Apart from from the trip to a little festival tonight, there is no intention to change a bit. Not for the next two days. No dancing, but some rain and a lot of sleep.


  1. slow is a necessary balance. hope you get much out of this period.

  2. sleep sounds good. after my Berlin trip last weekend I had a few slow days myself. nothing wrong with that xx

  3. Rain and sleep can be nice, otherwise you can do some dancing on your own in the fishbowl;-)