June 12, 2012

"beauty beyond"

Sometimes beauty can be found beyond our fear. When leaving well-known paths behind, when forgetting about our resistence, we might explore the most wonderful sights. Somewhere we did not expect them at all. This enormous heart of a sheep wasn't brought to me for artistic reasons, that would not go with my respect for other creatures. It came as a present for the family dog, but when I unwrapped it last night, it took my breath away. With all its red, the shapes and the strength it stood for; I couldn't resist but take pictures of it. Pictures of life and all the secrets coming with it. .


  1. Yes, I did want to comment this post.
    Then my blogger account was hacked, and I was afaraid to pass the problem on.

    Makes one think of 'I heart you' in a different and more concrete way. A bit heavy for a vegetarian, but then, I wouldn't be writing this if I didn't have a heart. Honestly, I wouldn't mind if my heart was given to some happy dog... you know, after I'm gone.


  2. Oh my, what a big heart. It's a bit weird and fascinating at the same time.

  3. yes thart heart was huge, scary and beautiful at the same time.

    @lilli, you're heart is far to precious to just be eaten up. I am sure it grows flowers when you're gone. x Annton