May 04, 2012

"on sticking with another day's sun"

There is definitely a lot on the plate for today. And tomorrow. And sunday too. Though we try to arrange for one lazy day over the weekend in the Fishbowl, this time we will have to stick to the light of our little wednesday break; visiting an inspiring show, having coffee at a wild urban garden and getting the last pieces to finish up the portfolio around my EnvironmentInstallations. It has been a lovely day. For now it is serious studio time. Being busy doesn't have to lack sunny things, I guess.


  1. I have to write this down somewhere... being busy doesn't have to lack sunny things. I like that!

  2. it does sound like good busyness
    what a great urban garden area! seems like a very relaxed vibe.

  3. I agree with Petra, I must write that one down! It looks lovely, beautiful, relaxing pictures.