May 21, 2012

"noisy dawn"

Summer in Berlin, starting with light, sunshine and bursting greens everywhere. And with an open window, I wish not to have seen. We all have our thoughts about others and it is always a pleasure to be suprised by them, being so much more. So different to what they appear at first sight. On the other hand, it can come around quite disturbing to suddenly meet someone's dark sides. Saturday night has been about this, some shocking insight just before dawn, and I am still chewing on it. Though the drama witnessed wasn't even about us, I am still trying to get around the fact, that the nicest people can turn into the wildest beasts, and that a smile is not always what is on their mind. Not simply, because it is written all over their face. Of course, I am no spring chicken and have experienced similar things more than once, but in this case it feels extremely drastic. As nobody in the Fishbowl did see this coming. Last night, when having a glass of wine together, the husband said:"I am trying hard to focus on all the great stuff around the corner, but this story provokes my sense of justice. In a very stressful way." A tough lesson on how to distance, to wait and see and, finally probably a lesson on how to release that stress for our own good.


  1. oh, sounds like an unpleasant experience. I don't know what happened, but people not being what they pretend to be is something I do know. and it's a difficult thing to handle every single time.


  2. ah, we all have our hidden sides.... some more than others. disconcerting when it's close to home.

  3. There is always a lesson learn.
    I am happy to hear summer is in Berlin!
    The forecast says it will FINALLY get warm here tonight too. x

  4. I hate it when I find out that people turn out to be something different then they say they are. That can be very shocking. I wish you all the best!

  5. Although I am no spring chicken either, and ought to know better, I am often surprised (and disappointed) by people. A bit like a child really, naive and eager to forgive. It's an impossible combination really, being around people and having some standards. I feel that the word 'moral' has been turned into something bad, but I do have them, I believe we all do. There are many things I can not accept from my fellow beings, such as ignorance, bullying - and the most common, lies.

    On the other side, I am fortunate to trust to closest t me and to 'know' people like yourself. You'd never disappoint me - I just know it!
    Thank you, Annton, for leaving me with such great words, we think alike.


  6. @lilli oh dear, you make me blush. love from berlin up north.