May 23, 2012

"no ordinary tuesday"

Lucky for us, the weather is unpredictable and sometimes changing quicker than the blink of an eye. After the grey clouds we had in the Fishbowl over the weekend, last night came with a wonderful surprise. We had been invited to a secret house concert by my talented friend Andrea Schroeder. The concert took place in the private atmosphere of an amazing loft, a room covered in candle light, and the guest list included the loveliest friends and neighbors of the band. Though I am in love with her voice, the tunes and the urban poetry of the lyrics, since I had the pleasure to listen to her music for the first time, this setting made everything even more magical. Almost like invisible, tiny feathers, changing the direction of the wind. Thank you guys for a wonderful night; I am feeling home again.

P.S. If you are in for more, the band will play the Orange Blossom Festival next weekend and soon be opening four shows for the The Walkabouts.


  1. This I know for sure:
    In my next life, I will be an artist, live in Berlin and attend amazing candle light concerts.
    I might as well be called Annton, too.
    I like that name!

    (for now :)

  2. I sounds like a magical evening. I don't know the band but I will check out the link;-)