May 13, 2012

"luck on a string"

This has been some kind of a week; riding a rollercoaster would have been nothing compared to the last seven days. A lot of phonecalls, even more emails, food on the run and far too little time in the studio; we are still feeling quite breathless in the Fishbowl. And in sunny dancing mood. Yes, very sunny. Though in the middle things felt tiring and a bit hopeless, really big things are on the way now. I cannot wait to share the wonderful news, but for a few more days we will simply cross our fingers and stay quiet. As hard as this is for me. On top on all the amazing stuff, I have won something, which usually doesn't happen to me. Thank you liv + dave for the nice surprise. The next thing on my list is a great dinner, with the husband tonight, and hopefully another inspiring week ahead. Somebody out there to pinch me?


  1. enjoy it!!! and I'm soooooo curious ;-)

  2. None of us would pinch you, Annton. We would much rather see you glide around in a sunfilled fishbowl, vibrant and happy. Working, not aimlessly, but stretching towards new light, new challenges! Curious is the word, yes!
    Amazing new week, Annton!

  3. Sounds exciting....tell me, tell me! :) Greetings from busy vienna!

  4. YAY. Congratulations. I hope you can use the iPad case, otherwise fell free to tell them if you prefer an iPhone one. I am sure they will exchange for you.