April 12, 2012

"three carrots down"

The short break had been nice, with good food, lots of sleep and my legs on the couch. Extensively. Now we are back, in the middle of an unexciting week. At least until today, it had been business as usual, snail speed progress and a good dose of rainy grey, in front of the Fishbowl. We all know, those moments are needed and maybe, in the long run, they are even more important than adventures and sudden surprises. Only, when in the middle of it, I could tear my hair and scream. Well, this sounds too drastic. Let's just say; I could need a little orchestra turning up in the studio. Another cup of coffee will have to do for starters.


  1. you need to bed to appreciate the good, and the slow to appricate the fast, or was it the other way around, yada-yada-yada. it's still sometimes annoying, i get it. balance would be nice between exciting and unexciting, but that never seems to happen...

    beautiful flowers, tho ;)

  2. Well.... you stare a bit at my working pictures and I do the same at yours, we scream a bit and try to go back to the studio and make our own orchestra ;-)

    Funny: I got the same flowers as a gift yesterday.

  3. i screamed a lot last week. lol
    bit more relaxed, or at least accepting this one.

  4. oh yes, the accepting part. sometimes it works, sometimes... we won't even go close to that ;-) balance is probably the hardest things to find in life. already feeling better though, reading your comments. @céline, don't you just love buttercups. they are one of my favourites.

  5. Mmm, not a bad idea, an orchestra in the studio...

  6. Pretty springflowers! Feet on the couch breaks are so important to recharge.And the orchestra will come, when it's time.