April 16, 2012


Weekends including studio dinners are the best. Coming together with old friends and people we'll meet for the first time, combined with the marvelous food from the husband, makes me smile a lot. This time we laughed a lot too and I fell for the homemade Ravioli, filled with salmon marinated in rum and brown sugar. A perfect base to start into a sunny week. Bring it on.


  1. oh how delicious does that sound!? and laughter. beautiful things.

  2. salmon marinated in rum and brown sugar????? you just completely ruined my dinner which looks quite pathetic next to THAT ;)


  3. @petra: there is no such thing, as a pathetic meal. we will have frozen pizza tonight ;-)

  4. Wow these Ravioli sound incredible! Recipe pretty please!?
    I just had garlic bread for dinner...