April 23, 2012

"no fancy bits"

Change is one of the purposes in life. At least, this is how I see it. Tying together loose ends, sometimes is part of the process. The not so glamourous one. As I have read in another blog lately, very often it seems to be the small picture people get attached to and stuck in. For me it is the other way around; very often you will find me, sitting in the Fishbowl and fantasizing about all the huge things, the adventures waiting ahead. The perfect spot to live in, a total new turn on my work or a show taking place somewhere exotic. Leaving behind limitations can open doors, but all these dreams make it quite easy to forget that big steps need small ones first. My huge weakness, getting bored with daily routines and consistency. Over the weekend I have been trying to clear out the boxes with those loose ends. Not a lot of color and sunshine, but slow progress and a slightly grumpy couple, trying to focus and get it over with. Only sunday night it was clear, how much we had moved and how pround we can start into this week.


  1. yes, i easily get bored with the details. but i have also been learning to love and cherish the small and simple. that they make up our 'bigger' life anyway.

  2. I can relate so easily to this! I'm already caught up in my big plans for the next few years, and I keep forgetting that to get there I need to work and do assignments and do all the fiddly little things that are necessary in this life. I think getting caught in the big things is better than the little things though, because there are so many little things to get caught up in!

    Good luck with the tying up of loose ends :) Rhi xx