March 12, 2012

"ten years and ahead"

Today the husband and I are celebrating our ten year anniversary. Waking up to grey skies and rain this morning, it did make things look much brighter and warmer than the outside was suggesting. With the first coffee close at hand, I found myself sitting at the desk in the Fishbowl, remembering that stormy day in New Zealand. A bus, a drunken photographer and witnesses we had only known for the blink of an eye. I think about all those years, about small and rather important stories. I know, how we have struggled and how we have laughed so hard. I still believe we are meant to be, as I did from the first moment on. There is a strong connection between the two of us and even more love. And there are intense arguments. Take two strong minded heads and tons of energy, and you will get some propper noise. There is no other face, I want to wake up to in the morning and no other soul, that I can imagine to conquer unknown adventures with. I have no idea what kind of roads I will travel next, but I definitely want to travel them together. Thank you life, for providing me with what is needed and thank you husband, for being who you are.


  1. oh congratulations! such beautiful words.... and I wish you all the best for the next 10...20...50 years!
    And I love the photo's.

  2. what a sweet post. congratulations :)

  3. wow! congratulations.
    wonderful dreamy photos.

  4. Happy Anniversary Thomas and Annton! :)xo

  5. congrats on your 10 year anniversary!!!
    all of these images are absolutely stunning!
    xo TJ

  6. Dearest Annton, dear Annton's husband:
    Many congratulations to you both. Love is maybe not rare, but hard to hold, hard to keep. It takes two honest, wanting, needing, strong, but fragile ones who wants it just as much. Just enough.
    (And even then, it's a bit like a zoo :)
    Beautiful photographs!
    Love, Lilli
    (IF I wrote something very strange, it's because it's VERY late in the night).

  7. thank you for all the wishes and greetings! they've made the day even more special and myself smile even more. the husband is wving and sayaing "thank you" too. @lilli: you NEVER sound strange to me. it all makes sense and every single one of your words, is very special and close to my heart!

  8. lovely post and lovely photos! happy 10th year!
    lots of love from the french alps,
    Ballad of Seasons

  9. I hope you had a wonderful celebration (was it your Birthday also? Double celebration!) My hubby and I will hit the ten year mark come this August. Time goes by so fast, every moment more precious than the last. Congrats to you and yours. :)

  10. @sunny's smile: ten years too! you are right, the time was definitely running, but in the most wonderful way.