March 31, 2012

"highway love"

I have touched the highway. In fact, the Autobahn, somewhere between the south of Germany and Berlin. Call me ridiculous, but this had been in the back of my mind forever. Everytime I got stuck in some heavy traffic jam, I was intrigued to do so. It simply never happened. A place we usually don't get close to, a construction that is so familiar and still that far. With the perfect weather over last week, the tar was warm and felt very inviting under my palms. Like a request to come back, a promise to be traveling more often. Today it is nasty outside and I plan to stay on the couch. Dreaming of friendly destinations and some time on the roll. To a relaxed weekend,  making happy plans.


  1. sometimes i love the stretch of highway/motorway/autobahn... sometimes i love the small country lanes. they each offer different treasures.