February 23, 2012

"variations of whites and some blue"

The light has changed. Within twenty-four hours we have gone from a sudden winter attack, when everybody actually thought that was it, right into the first attempt towards spring. It is a test run though, as the city still looks dirty and muddy, but the air smells kinda light blue and invites to open up the windows in the Fishbowl. To let the old out and new things in. Luckily, I am feeling better too and strongly intend to stay like that for a while. Enough of being sick. I was even brave enough to clean the studio and already got dirty with brushes and paint too. Still a bit shy with one another, this is nothing new, as creative breaks usually demand double the time until things are readjusted and one feels comfortable, back in.

The winners of the little giveaway are finally drawn too. Dani, Kiwisue and Steph, who has sent me a wonderful email about little notes around her house, could you please email your postal adresses, so the prints can fly out to you. And once again, thank you so much for sharing your ideas!

The light is changing again, we're slowly heading into dusk. For tonight the Fishbowl awaits a couple of fellow artists, wanting to learn about our current projects. I am always kind of nervous to talk about fresh ideas. To find the right balance between shaping things, to make them happen, and not letting out too much, to burn them is tricky. For the next hour or so, my mind will be busy baking Focaccia and setting up the table. Have a wonderful night too.


  1. Hey Annton.. glad to read you ...thanks for stopping by!!! I am agree with you about NZ... the most wonderful place ever.... have a sweet weekend!!! xxx

  2. we were there! in the freezing cold. it was about the only time this winter that it was cold everywhere in europe, exactly when we decided to go on holiday- but we survived.
    cant wait for spring.