February 20, 2012

"flights, bugs and pillows"

Having spent a good part of the weekend in bed, it seems, I am slowly getting there. Slowly. Last week's family gathering came with a nasty side effect, we're still suffering from. Staying at my brother's house, which was so lovely, we obviously caught some ugly stomach flue. Carefully handing it over from one to the other. I won't go into details here, but actually, I cannot remember feeling so knocked out in a long time. Therefor, the winners of the little giveaway are not drawn yet and it will probably take another couple of days, until they will be announced. You are still invited to leave a comment about your thoughts according to Valentine's Day. For me it is to slow adjustments and a lot of rest. Not sure if there is still blood in my venes, instead of Black Tea. Have a good start into the week; it is sunny in Berlin, which helps a lot.


  1. Oh that's just to bad, I wish you all the best and hope you feel better soon! Do you know what helps me a lot: coca-cola, but you have to let the bubbles out, like still water. Their is so much nasty stuff in that drink, that it will kill everything. Maybe you have heard about that little trick ;-)

  2. Céline, this made me laugh. Yeah, this Coca-Cola thing is an old tradition here too. And it does help. Maybe the sugar, maybe the nasty stuff. Coca-Cola what is in my venes besides the Black Tea. Thank you for the good wishes!