February 07, 2012

"feathers of a precocial bird"

When it comes to family, precocial bird would probably be the most appropriate term for myself. From an early age on, I was constantly making plans on how to run away. I absolutely loved reading those adventure books, about kids who made it on their own. Somewhere in the wilderness. And I remember always having a box hidden under my bed. A box filled with stuff that I thought would come in handy for a proper escape; like matches, apples, an old knife or some warm socks. None of it would have brought me far, but I somehow needed an assurance to be able to leave any time and to spread my wings. Though life has changed a lot since then, once in a while, I still get hit by such emotions. It isn't a matter of love, as I have long chosen a wonderful family of my own and learned to surround myself with some amazing friends. Interestingly, the people I love the most, have strong wings of their own too, and the ability to look after themselves as much as they do after me. Wings simply need to be used now and then; sometimes to change perspectives, to leave a blind alley or just to free the mind. Looking back all those years; understanding about that need and developing the strenght to live it, has been the greatest gift of my life so far.


  1. I have been thinking about that coffee and cake and the yellow enveloped. Would you believe me if I told you that I had a box in the shed with things that might come in useful?
    I would bring my family now, if I felt like using my wings, but it hasn't always been like that.
    I like what you write, Annton. Always!
    Lilli x

  2. i know that feeling.i always wanted to run away.
    what i did: with 18 to berlin , from there to nyc, to london and next to sydney.
    i dont feel that it is a running away though.
    its exploring ; )
    today i love visiting my family.