January 25, 2012

"on sowing slow"

So far, I have not spoken to a single person today. Not to forget a little phonecall, but the rest had been the studio, Emma and a lot of silence. Oh, wonderful nothing. I am still organizing, sorting out and planning the months ahead, and didn't kick of any creative action yet, but I enjoy the simplicity of these slow-motion-days so much. To concentrate only on a few things at ones, has cleared up a lot of messes and opened several unexpected doors. Suddenly it seems absolutely clear where to head to and what to focus on. This is actually not some new strategie, but usually my middle names aren't Patience or Structure. Something has changed this time, something deep down inside and I hope, it might stay a little. This January comes as a nice surprise, I have to say. So did something else, I found out yesterday. My Norwegian friend Lilli, has shown one of my prints on Good Night, Olivia, her wonderful blog. Lilli is such a talented woman, tears came to my eyes when finding the post. Thank you.


  1. Thank you for the wonderful link to Lilli's blog! And I hope that the flow you're in stays a bit longer ;-)

  2. I somehow like the sound of 'wonderful nothing'. On the rare occasiones when I behave patient or structured, I usually feel very 'grown up'. It's always a strange feeling, and it always passes.
    It's very sweet of you to call me talented for taking a picture of your work. It's you who are talented, Céline and I totally agree on that one.
    Lilli xo