January 18, 2012

"decision for a perfect prologue"

It always amazes me, how things appear in a different light, simply with a bit of distance. Eighteen days, some errands ran, two sculptures traveling and one accident ahead, the month finally seems to feel like it should do; a fresh start into new adventures. Maybe it's how most of us want to see the beginning of a new year, but it has always inspired me to stick to this habit. And it always has made changes happen. I am feeling much better already. The bruises are fading, so is the anger about the complete hospital affair. Thanks to your incredibly nice emails and all good the wishes, the impression of being alone with my experience has completely dissapeared. It was clear to me along the way, that there are a lot of people with stories like mine, at least from a rational point of view. Emotions are, of course, another story. Today I believe, there is no need for me to feel humble and small, because of somebody else's mistakes. The decision for a perfect prologue; a tune, very pleasant to hum.

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