January 30, 2012

"behind business"

Having spent a good part of the weekend, occupied by the inner life of an almost dead computer, does not appear overly interesting. Even when the machine has been the present by a good friend. Despite from a little walk around the block, there hasn't been a lot of movement either. Waking up to a sunny Monday, crispy blue skies and only five minutes to boot the machine, is a whole different story though. Thank you, my friend. Finally, I can go back and do the rest bit of organizing. The studio has to wait only some more days; I cannot wait to get the brushes out. To one slow, unspectacular, but not at all lost weekend and to tiny steps, turning out big.


  1. Hello on a Monday, Annton
    Is that lovely dog yours?
    My computer is close to six years old. I understand that's like if I was 90. But - still hanging in there and usually does what I want it to. Even if it's slow. A bit like me, maybe :)
    I'm a fan of tiny, steady steps. The capricorn way.
    Lilli xo

  2. Dear Lilli,
    I hope you had a good Monday too. Yes, in her favourite chair, this is Emma, our Labrador. She was totally bored with her folks over the weekend. All that technical stuff, not her thing, I guess. My computer was even ten years old, which I didn't mind at all. Until the moster became really lazy, driving me crazy with its stubborness. So we parted, in peace. xx

  3. Love your images, as always!
    Hope all is mending!
    Will be in Berlin in February! Yeah!

  4. thank you so much! I hope the weather will be a little less cold, when you arrive. in case I am in town, you're most welcome to stop by my studio. have a nice tuesday!