December 30, 2011

"on fresh things & last dances"

For two days in a row, I have been sleeping in and I am talking, getting up really late. I didn't manage to do half of what has been on the list and actually, only left the house to learn I am going to need glasses from now on. Watch out for my intellectual accessories, they are supposed to be ready within the next two weeks. Actually, it didn't come as a surprise and it kinda fits my expectations for the upcoming year; a lot of exciting changes. Sitting here, having a drink and letting my mind going through the old year, I feel exhausted and contend at the same time. Some tough moments have been followed by truly amazing ones, tears and laughter spread rather equal. Or is it, we note one more than the other. What I will keep close to my heart, are a big number of absolutely wonderful people that have crossed my path over the last twelve months. I am truly greatful for that and hope this will continue over next year. For now, I want thank you all for staying with the Fishbowl, for all the interest in the little stories I was writing, all those comments and emails. They have been a huge inspiration. I cannot say it often enough, how much this is appreciated. To relaxed endings, unknown beginnings, to a memorable old year and much hope for the new one. Cheers to you all.


  1. You said it all and I wish you the same things! Happy new year!

  2. You are incredibly sumptuous. Happy New Year!xo