November 04, 2011


Not a lot time to enjoy the beautiful Fall view from our bedroom. No time at all, actually. It rather is about inner landscapes than anything else. The night before the show the Fishbowl is buzzing. There is working against the clock, polishing up props, tiny victories, one or the other nervous breakdown and me in the middle, trying to convince myself: "It is all going to be fine. It is all going to be fine." Of course it is, just not now. One of these days, when you're not quite sure, if you might be a little bit crazy, doing what you do. But, being crazy is part of love, it is as simple as that. Being ready for tomorrow, is the other one. Have a great night, I am back to getting dirty.

1 comment:

  1. Good luck and off course it will be fine! The pictures look great! Have a wondeful show and opening!