November 08, 2011

"one night show"

The first impressions of "spoiled by available landscapes". It has been absolutely great. A long and exciting night, lots of visitors and even more talking. Thank you for everybody crossing their fingers, so we could make it. Just in time, as usual. Thank you for everybody, who made it through the night, paying us a visit. We had some very special people over here too. More about this coming soon. I am still exhausted and in the after-show-loop, kind of out of words, but I am very, very happy. There was only one point, we definitely need to change for the next show. Hire a professional photographer, Baby. It is impossible to shoot people, when interacting with them. So, these pictures do not exactly please me, but you'll still get the picture, I hope. Off to a good glass of red and some sleep. See you tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. I get the picture and I love it! And I's almost impossible to get nice pictures during an opening... I wonder how you will fix that next time! but I think you already did a wonderful job with these pictures;-)