November 09, 2011

"one night show - the second"

Another round of pictures from "spoiled by available landscapes". Three days ahead, I am getting closer to a realistic and more steady feeling around the show. This time, the feeling is pretty good. When exhibiting an EnvironmentInstallation, it always takes a bit of distance to understand what has worked well and which parts might need a bit more work. Especially when the installation includes some special pieces or like this one, is unsually minimalistic. A style that I am not used to yet and that does not allow any visual tricks. Not easy, but pleasant. What I am getting used to, is my current addiction. Since I have learned how to make it, thanks to Jennifer, I have managed to store an impressive dose of almond milk in the frigde. What a deliscious stuff that is. Probably in the run to become my winter addiction number one.


  1. Great photo of the kids. Good luck on your exhibit, hope it goes well for you. :)