November 14, 2011

"a matter of light and positions"

For two days in a row, the electric bell system in the house is broken; even from the next corner of our street you can clearly hear the enormous buzzing. Needles to say, how annoying the sound is, when being in the flat. After a while, it feels like you have to jump out of your skin. I am very glad our bedroom lies on the other side of the building, seperated by four doors from the old front gate. This way it was possible to get a good night sleep. As there have been no electricians or at least the maintance guy in sight though, I have spent the complete day in the Fishbowl, working carefully ear plugged. Covered by complete silence through the help of those little, orange foam pieces, I have managed to get suprisingly much done; spending highly concentrated and relaxed hours in the studio. Thankful for an obstacle turning to become a gift. Ones more, it is true that things are not how they look like, but how we see them.


  1. Always try to make the best out of bad situations. Very hard, but this time you did it! Very nice pictures, I guess the weather is very nice in Berlin, the same over here ;-)

  2. Ouch, hope everything will sort out eventually..!Best wishes:)

  3. oh no! that's crazy with the sound...
    I hope it's been fixed.
    Beautiful photos.

  4. beautiful lines in these pictures. i really like them!