October 31, 2011

"tricks and other treats"

Though I could use a couple more hours of sleep, this has been a great weekend. A fantastic Speak Easy night included. We had the most pleasant guests; spent hours at the table, eating, drinking and chatting. I have learned that wine is sometimes named after a lover, Sugar Babe. Understand now, that chicken liver paté does taste incredible when homemade, but at the same time, it does look gros in the making. Part of the deal. And I am happy to have found out, that tax inspectors can have an impressive knockledge on Whiskey and adore all things tasty, from deep down of their hearts. It is simply the best, when people proof those silly preconjunctions wrong and surprise us. Honestly, we all have them. For tonight an impressive dose of jelly bats are waiting in paper bags to fly out, into the dark. Not a bad start for a Monday either.


  1. it's really funny how you can be surprised by people... It looks really cosy!

  2. Sounds like a good time.
    Except the chicken pate, but I am a vegetarian anyway.
    Berlin flats are amazing...in no other city you will find that much space and high ceilings for little rent. I sometimes do miss it.

  3. I love the idea of having you all at the table one day, vegetarian food included of course. and liv, you are absolutely right about berlin flats. the rents are rising, but still there is so much space. i promise to show some more of the fishbowl soon.