October 18, 2011

"tools & pearls"

As predicted, the days are slightly too short for what is going on in the Fishbowl. We are officially busy and, even more, smiling. Sometimes there is nothing better but work, as corny as this might sound. So far, things are going quite well. Mornings are for office work and after a quick lunch-break, it is tool time. I even did manage to create a site for our private dinners, which had been on the agenda for months. On the new page, you can find out more about the Speak Easy Club, look into past menues or if you like, you can subscribe for invitations. In this spirit; ptou, ptou, ptou for more to come and to a further productive tomorrow. The weather is nasty anyway.


  1. I really love that top photo - the combination. It's like you are to apply the black pearls to something. Is that how you paint a neckless?

  2. @Alexandra Hedberg. Actually, it is applying the necklace to an upcoming EnvironmentInstallation. I promise to make a picture, when it does make its way into the piece. Not sure yet.

  3. If the hard work does pay of, it feels good! Hope you keep the nice work-flow;-)