October 01, 2011

"a number, a face & something little for you"

I cannot believe it, but I've actually missed celebrating the first year of the Tiny Fishbowl Collection. Must have slipped away. Somewhere. Today though, there is a annother opportunity to thank all my readers, thank for all the lovely and inspiring comments & the suppport you gave me. Today this is going to be post numero 100 and I have to say, it was a lot of fun doing every single one of them. Therefor, to give a little of all that joy and the love back to my wonderful readers, three postcard sets (a motif from my series "Shadowfeet & other things floating") are flying out from the Fishbowl.  

To be in the draw for one of the giveaways, simply leave me a comment until the 5th of October. I would love to hear about what you like most, when it comes to Fall.

It is so wonderful out there; I cannot wait to leave the house. Just some packing to do before; one of the latest portraits is going to do some traveling, and then it is of to a stroll through the city until the sun sets. To a wonderful weekend and even more, to a gorgeous October.


  1. Congratulations! I would love to have a postcard of your work...
    I love Fall, my birthday is in november and I think it's a great month, just like october. I guess I'm more a girl for fall and winter ;-) I just love the colours of nature, especially when it's such a beautiful weather like the past days. Wish you a nice sunday!

  2. I'm only a recent follower of your blog but I already love coming here and feel inspired whenever I do. I read back trough some of your archives and the post "on how others stand" has been accompanying me in my thoughts since. Thank you for that and happy anniversary!

    What I like most about fall: the colourful leaves, the quality of the light, the moist and fresh air, the temperatures, enjoying hot beverages...

    Happy Sunday!

  3. Fall, the description of a season which sounds a little bit ultimate.
    Fall is the connection between summer and winter which comes along with memories and preparations.
    Memories of colours and warm breezes stroking your skin.
    Preparations for a cold season with candle lights and hot spiced wine.
    Fall, the most emotional season of the year. I love it.

  4. Annton, congratulations!
    I feel fortunate and glad to have found your 'fishbowl collection' (although I don't believe it's tiny).

    Although I'm a winter child, I have always preferred fall to spring and summer. The air, the misty roads, the rain, the geese on the river. Nature closes itself, exhales and waits.

    Lovely fall, Annton.
    To all of us.

  5. Happy blog birthday!
    I love pumkins and apple pie best about fall.
    And being especially grateful for every warm day this time of year.
    Have a great autumn in Berlin.