October 06, 2011

"the freedom of strolling"

The weekend, including public holidays on Monday, has been nice and slow. While the country was celebrating German Unification Day, we had delicious apple pie with cinnamon and spent hours, cooking and chatting in the kitchen. It is a bit frightening though, that I cannot recall when this happened the last time before. We actually managed to see some family, took as much as possible out of the incredibly nice weather and were lucky to be invited to my friend's lovely store Bazara, for a little show. Very delightful. Not only is this friend the most warmhearted and welcoming woman I have ever met, so feels her shop. Right when you're setting a first step into it you'll know; a very special place, filled with absolute amazing Indian and Oriental goods. Everytime I will go there, I will find something great. This time, I totally fell for the dressing gown in the window, which I didn't buy, but might have to. Sooner or later. Sooner, speaking tomorrow, I will reveal the winner of the little giveaways I am sending out to celebrate all my lovely commenters and followers. Until tomorrow, you still have the chance to be in the draw, by telling what it is you like most about Fall. Wishing you a wonderful night and sweet dreams. Maybe about joyfully wasting time.

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