September 15, 2011

"infective awareness"

I remember my grandmother ones telling me, that the change of season often brings turmoil and transformation on more than one level. Fall is one of my favourite times of the year, I love the light and the colors around. Still, the last three days definitely brought my grandmother's words back to my mind. It seems there is something in the water, at least around the Fishbowl. So far, be it a stranger passing by or a beloved one, a friend or a neighbor, everybody is talking about how tense they feel or that they seem to hit the roof within a minute. The city must have caught a nervous virus or some bad vibe series. And though I was actually feeling quite fine, looking forward to a gorgeous September with tons of studio hours and the Salon Schmidt taking place for the very first time, yesterday all that stirring caught me as well. All the effort of trying to keep calm and well balanced, kicked back and this woman went off about some nasty stickers glued to the big shop window. To be honest, the point that annoyed me the most, was actually myself. Such minor thing shouldn't affect a sunny day at all. On the other hand, to be predispositioned to other people's mood is probably nothing but human and I shouldn't be so judgmental towards myself, just get over it and enjoy the landscape. Have a smooth and easy Thursday everybody.

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  1. Although I'm not an artist and can only imagine having to rely on my own hard work to survive
    - I still know that kind of eery feeling you describe so well.
    I suppose we should trust what our grandmothers told us. Even to raise above the oppinion of others (as my grandmother always told me).
    To be so easily disturbed by others is something I would really like to change about myself. Just, don't know how, yet.
    Hope you're over it now, Annton - and that your weekend is easy.
    Hugs Lilli