September 09, 2011

"familiar but running on new"

Only days after making a photo, I am sometimes completely lost for its reasons. On other occasions, tiniest moods and emotions stay close by my side, strongly attached to what the image shows. These days it seems, the camera catches what is missing on the outside. Time is a luxury in the Fishbowl right now, moments of silence rather unusual. I find myself constantly wanting to catch some breath or to hold on for a minute, a second maybe. The things going on are quite good, some even have already been brought to a bright finish, and while the season is clearly changing around here, there is simply not an awful lot to say. Thus I will keep quiet, go on working on the happiness side, and wish everybody a wonderful weekend. More next week.


  1. 800k away but I feel exactly the same way...working and working and waiting for a moment to exhale...
    It will come, I'm sure, for both of us!
    Greets from vienna and by the way: Is that "Handkäs mit Musigg" on the last photo?! ;)

  2. it will come! greetings back & yes, it is!!