September 21, 2011

"besides bedside stories"

When life gives you lemons, it very often gives you an extra dose of sunlight too. Still not back to full energy levels here, sleeping and going slow, we have something to celebrate tonight though. A spanky new stove has arrived at the Fishbowl, finding its place in our green kitchen. The silvery wonder with 5 burners and an oven wide enough to host pizza for ten people at once, is already connected and there is water boiling for the premiere dish: Spaghetti al Pesto, with olives, bacon and fresh parsley. The man is a happy camper by now; sitting in front of his new mate, a glass of wine at hand and a big, happy smile on his face. Give a chef a new stove and he will call it heaven. That is for sure.What an incredible gift we've received, what incredible loved ones we have. Thank you life, thank you family.

1 comment:

  1. That's just awesome, Annton!
    I don't believe in jealousy, but IF I did, I'd say that I am jealous. Just a little.
    I watched a great video with you on Vimeo, in French and German (I'm not really good with any of those languages). But - I still enjoyed it!
    Thank you, Annton.
    Enjoy your stove (that food looks wonderful - love olives).