August 06, 2011

"saturday song"

If nothing else about this week, I have to say family gatherings are really something. Even more when you don't see each other very often and when there is a wedding involved. All in all, it can get pretty intense and overwhelming. I am still sorting out all the impressions and positive connotations that came with it, still tired but sunny. On another note; while we were busy juggling roses, icing and marzipan, our monthly Speak Easy Dinner was reviewed on the inspiring creme unterwegs in berlin Blog. What a nice surprise. Thank you, we feel very honored. Another pleasant surprise has to be the sun, finally coming up. I will use this present to take a few strolls down the road, before going back into the Fishbowl, to work towards the launch of the takeaway-art-shop and to quietly paint myself happy. Maybe there will be some nice gin & cucumber delights later on.

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