August 15, 2011

"neighborhood cure"

Besides a lot of rain, again, and being the final episode to a couple of some pretty tough days, the weekend did offer good light too. Once more I have understood, there is a time for everything and life is a matter of what we want to see and where we will go, searching for luck. Walking around the block, a little Emma action along the Landwehrkanal and a late night visit to our lovely neighbor Juwelia Soraya; exactly what was needed. Nothing could have been better than those splashes of yellow sunshine, followed by chansons and art within the warmth of candles and dark red light. Monday is here now and thought it is already clear, August will stay busy and tricky, I am prepared. With a smile.

1 comment:

  1. I have read your previous posts and this one and I don't really know a good comment... I just know that I understand what you mean: I had some bad days and some struggles, but I will smile as well! New week: here we come!