July 04, 2011

"on how others love"

Relationships can always become a bit tricky and are of course, rarely an easy journey. Actually it doesn't matter what kind of relation we're talking about; be it friends, lovers or family, sometimes we will hit a bump. Totally unexpected. At least it might look so. It is raining here like crazy and things feel like some premature autumn has taken the city over. Bad weather and a break between projects, it made me thinking a lot lately. Especially about stuff that had been hidden in the back of my mind for long. Only after an extended coffee chat with a friend, they've suddenly reemerged up-front. I have never been a woman holding back her opinion. In fact, "A shut mouth catches no flies", is not exactly the story of my life. When struggling with something or someone, I just can not keep quiet. For the better or worse, I have to say what runs through my head. Most of the times I am at peace with this and believe, rather get into an argument, than practicing unhealthy wrenches. But, if someone who is kind of important to me, puts great meaning into something, I absolutely oppose to? If they love something, I find totally disgusting, what is there to do? As long as I remember I've always stumbled over situations like this; barely being able to decide weather to be silent or to speak out loud. Of course, the least I want is to hurt that person. On the other hand, when does hurting myself begin? Relationships are tricky, but the most precious thing we might have, and maybe it is not so bad to question how we handle them, once in a while.


  1. I know what you mean.....I find it difficult to tell people what I think if it's a tricky subject because I don't want to hurt them. But that's the problem, as you put: when does hurting myself begin? You described it so beautiful and perfect and I just love the "puppets"!

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I agree. Personaly I choose to be silent more and more. I never thought about the fact of "hurting myself" so clear.