July 22, 2011

"happy lemons"

There is this German saying: "Sour makes you jolly." I don't know if English has an equivalent, but I have to say it does work. Already a small paperbag, filled with these incredibly sour childhood memories, changed my mood in an instant. While Berlin is actually drowing in rain, fighting wind and even more, some not exactly inspiring grey skies, it seems my days are getting longer and longer. We are working like crazy in the Fishbowl; but once I am with the flow, it doesn't bother me at all. Maybe it is, because there is a lot of painting included or it is the knowledge of a little break, we're heading up to by tomorrow morning. Am I the only one, who gets cheered up by little secrets? The fact that nobody knows makes things even more precious to me. Silly, I guess, but I enjoy it. Be it secret, rainy or simply relaxing, I wish you a wonderful weekend.


  1. I love little secrets, it makes me smile inside. And I also love those sour sweets, brrrr ;-)

  2. Yes, it is the sour that is so sweet. I love ou Annton wild witch of Berlin. As for me, dddddaaaaarling, you know I'm all Italian. xk