July 26, 2011

"by courtesy of islands"

Artwork by Inga Carriére for "SzenenWechsel"
Last night, meaning early morning, I had this dream about missing a really important event. Though I was rushing and stressing throughout the complete dream, it felt like everything was in my way; the dress still wet from drying, searching for my keys far too long and when hitting the road, of course, I got stuck in heavy traffic. The more pressure I did put on myself, the slower I seemed to run, and when arriving at the location, everybody was really angry and dissapointed, as it was all over. Dreams like that are not exactly uncommon to me, but something was different this time. When waking up, I am usually stressed out and incredibly tired, but this morning it was more about relief. I got out of bed, totally refreshed and feeling free from something that obviously hadn't been important enough. Not important enough to me at least. Maybe it is the island that is still in my head. Maybe a weekend spent between reading, sleeping, surprising art in deserted places and silent moments in the rain. Or it is the simple understanding of personal priorities. Whatever it is, I will try to keep it.


  1. wonderful. go on with your personal priorities.

  2. oooh priorities..... but what a beautiful pictures!