June 09, 2011

"cucumber talk"

It looks like summer, but this seems to be some kind of ironic weather trick. We are back to soup and hot tea. Temperatures have dropped heavily over the last days and though it is sunny and blue skied, this is nothing in comparison to the tropical start of the week. For all the busy creating in the Fishbowl it is perfect. I have so much to concentrate on, real summer would just be too dangerous for all that focus stuff. With Berlin Bites starting in only ten days, the concept is not ready. Or rather, it needs a bunch of big changes and corrections. As this will be an EnvironmentInstallation based mainly on food, the EHEC virus and all that public discussion, somehow gets in the way of the original idea. I don't worry too much when it comes to my own diet habits, intensive washing of fruits and vegetables feels more than enough, but taking on responsibility for strangers is a whole different story. Plus, the aim of the installation had been a more positive approach. Using sprouts and cucumbers, which has been the concept in the beginning, would probably destroy that aim. It would make it a controversial piece; more than offering new ideas and impulses to our guest. So, it is back to recipies, cooking and tasting for now.

1 comment:

  1. wow, I get your problem...it's a not so funny coincidence....that EHEC-virus. wish you good luck with your concept and ideas!