May 05, 2011


Back to growing things. Most of the unpleasant office work is done and I am busy setting up the studio for a lot of action. Many exciting things just around the corner, the upcoming weeks are going to be filled with work. Good stuff and a lot of fun. I have brought back some wood into the Fishbowl (Céline, you were absolutely right. We went for that long walk and it was great!). Actually, I brought as much as we could fit in the car and now it waits there, to be transformed into a new sculpture; veins, blood and heartbeats.
here and now... Amnesia
For the ones living in the Berlin area, I would love to invite you to an Opening by the end of next week. I did write some small texts for the catalogue. One of the artists showing there is a friend of mine; the incredibly talented Maryna Markova. Her work alone is absolutely worth to pay the place a visit. So, if you're the mood, it would be a pleasure to meet one or the other around.


  1. Good for you, wood is always great to work with ;-) beautiful pictures as always.
    It's just to bad I live 6 hours away from the Fishbowl, I would love to visit it. If I would make a trip to Berlin one day I will visit you for sure!

  2. Maybe one day, there will be a chance... You are of course, very welcome! Have a wonderful Tuesday.