May 08, 2011

"sun dayish"

Though I mostly try to keep one day of the week an off day, I just love working on Sundays. First of all, Sundays it is quiet in the Fishbowl, some old Jazz tunes in my head, and people outside are not that busy, running from one place to another. They take a stroll around the neighborhood or visit friends and family. There is no rush. The even more luxurios part, on Sundays you won't find mean mail in the letterbox. No business phonecalls are stopping the flow either. The studio appears like a little creative island with tons of time and much more possibilities. Today's creative heaven comes as the most wonderful spring day and it is all about sun, some Blueberries and blood. To make it not too cosy. Artificial blood from a paint tin for a huge branch sculpture. I hope you are enjoying today in an equally colorful way.

1 comment:

  1. I feel the same about sundays: I worked on my paintings this morning, had my dinner in the sun and cuddled my rabbit for about an hour ;-)